Smart Home

Smart Home refers to a modern home that is equipped with network-connected electronic appliances so the owner are able to control or optimizing function such as lighting, security, safety or saving energy, either remotely via mobile app on phone, computer or a control panel within the home itself.

Smart Home Automation Bundle

Smart Home Automation Bundle

Smart Home Automation bundle

Smart Home Automation Bundle includes:

  • Multifunctional Gateway

  • Wireless Switch

  • Human Body Sensor

  • Window Door Sensor

  • Smoke Detector

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • 4 Aqara Double Gang Wall Switches (No Neutral Wire)

$650 SGD

XiaoMi Smart Curtain

XiaoMi Smart Curtain

Smart Home Curtain Bundle

XiaoMi Smart Curtain can be controlled by users to open or close the curtain or blinds. The bundle includes:

  • Aqara curtain B1 motor

  • Aqara curtain rail

  • Aqara gateway

  • Aqara wireless switch

It is an additional and optional product while purchasing Smart Home Automation Bundle.

$500 SGD, installation included.

Smart Home Security Bundle

Sonoff Zigbee Bundle

Smart Home Security Bundle

SONOFF ZigBee Bundle contains the basic devices for building a smart home. It includes:

  • Smart ZigBee Bridge

  • ZigBee Wireless Door/Window Sensor

  • ZigBee Wireless Switch

  • ZigBee Motion Sensor

  • ZigBee Temperature and Humidity Sensor

$120 SGD, installation included.

Wi-Fi Improvement

Wi-Fi Improvement

Smart Home WiFi Improvement Bundle

This set will greatly enhanced Wi-Fi signal throughout the house in every room.

  • 4-port PoE Switch

  • Wall-plate Access Points x2

  • Network Cable Certification

This bundle can only be applied to flats with network points already installed at each bedroom.

$250 SGD, installation included.