Handyman Services


Do you have any kinds of work around your house, such as installing new furniture, painting services, replacing old stuffs like heater or shower sets, which you have to do but you do not know how to do or cannot do because of time constraint? Don’t worry, with reasonable payment, we will provide you a skillful handyman to solve your problems.

Handyman Service Provide with Respective Prices

Services Price(SGD)
Replacing the Door Knob SGD$50
Replacing the Bedroom Door SGD$100
Installing Shelves SGD$50
Installing TV Brackets SGD$80
Installing Wall Mounted Fan SGD$60
Installing a Ceiling Fan SGD$100
Installing a Chandelier SGD$100
Installing Mirrors SGD$60
Installing Frames and Pictures SGD$60
Assembling Chairs and Tables SGD$60
Replacing Leaked Pipes SGD$50
Replacing or Installing a Toilet Bowl SGD$180
Replacing or Installing Water Taps SGD$50
Replacing or Installing Shower Sets SGD$70
Clearing Basin, Kitchen or Toilet Bowl SGD$100-200
Replacing or Installing Instant Heater SGD$70
Replacing or Installing Big Heater SGD$100
Replacing Switch Socker Outlet SGD$60
Replacing Light Bulbs or Light Fittings SGD$60
HDB Painting Service for 3 Rooms SGD$980
HDB Painting Service for 4 Rooms SGD$1280
HDB Painting Service for 5 Rooms SGD$1580
Executive HDB Painting Service for 5 Rooms SGD$1780
Painting Service for 1 Room SGD$580

🞶Except these, there are minimum SGD$50 charges as per trip cost.


If you are interested with our services or wish to place an order, please send us an email and we will refer back to you for confirmation.