Air-Con Cleaning Services

To live with comfort in hot climate country like Singapore, air-con is commonly used by each family to cool down their home environment. However, air-con isn’t a perpetual machine, so you might feel that it isn’t as cool as the moment when it is newly installed. That happens when cleaning isn’t done gradually and the accumulated containment is starting to affect the performance. Therefore, we provides air-con cleaning services to people who can’t clean the air-con by themselves.


Chemical Cleaning for wall-mounted unit

During chemical cleaning, we will spray a powerful cleaning agent, which is chosen carefully by us, to loosen the stubborn contaminant and clean water will be used to remove the loosened contaminant front the coils afterwards.

This service is suitable when the fan coils of air-con aren’t severely contaminated. If the unit is severely contaminated, a chemical overhaul should be considered.

Chemical overhaul wall-mounted unit

This service provide a thorough cleaning and servicing to the unit to remove contaminants such as mold, fungi and grime. It is important to contact us for a chemical overhaul when weird smell is detected from the air-con after it starts its operation.

During chemical overhaul, the fan coil unit is dismantled and removed so the chemical can efficiently loosen the stubborn contaminants. As it is dismantled and removed from original position, technician can use large volume of water spray to remove all the loosened contaminants and chemicals from the coil. This service can prevent an air-con from breaking down sooner than expected.

Chemical Cleaning for outdoor unit

This service is normally grouped as a bundle with chemical cleaning for wall-mounted unit. However, you are able to schedule the services separately.

If you wish to know more about the Services, feel free to contact us.