Smart Hand Soap Dispenser


Smart Hand Soap Dispenser is installed with our smart device which detects the status of the dispenser and notify users when it needs to be refilled or when it is refilled.

We are offering two types of Smart Hand Soap Dispenser,

  1. Automatic [SS-SHSD-A01]

  2. Manual [SS-SHSD-M01]

Notification will be sent via Telegram mobile app. Workers will not required to conduct checks periodically, but conduct checks based on alert on the Telegram app instead.

All status of dispenser which triggers the notification will be saved as references for data analysis and graphical presentation on the client side.

Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser [SS-SHSD-A01]

 Dimensions  274 x 133 x 123mm
 Capacity  1000ml
 Connectivity  Wi-Fi b/g/n
 Power Supply  4Pcs Batteries (Size C, 1.5V)

Manual Hand Soap Dispenser [SS-SHSD-M01]

 Dimensions  234 x 119 x 114mm
 Capacity  1000ml
 Connectivity  Wi-Fi b/g/n
 Power Supply  Battery Operated